Shaw Theaters deploys Cisco digital signage


Cisco announced that Shaw Theaters, Singapore’s oldest
and largest entertainment company, deployed Cisco Digital Signs at Shaw
Theatres Lido in Orchard and the new Shaw Theatres nex in Serangoon.


Shaw Theaters will utilize retail solutions and
technology from Cisco to capture the attention and purchasing power of
customers by offering dynamic content.


Having entertained generations of Singaporeans for more
than 80 years, Shaw Theatres is committed to adopting new technologies to
engage the new generation of cinema patrons.


Cisco EPIC worked with NexLabs and Nexus-On-Demand to
provide the Digital Media solution for Shaw Theaters


Digital Signs, part of the Cisco Digital Media Suite, provides Shaw Theaters
with centralized streaming and delivery of real-time content such as movie
schedules and trailer videos, to multiple digital media displays connected to
their theatres.


This includes dynamic content such as movie show times
with indications as to whether a movie is selling fast or sold out, promotional
videos advertising and branding, all of which improve customer experiences at
the movie theater, while reducing inefficiencies in operations management.


The complete solution was developed by the Cisco Enabling
Platform Innovation Centre (EPIC), a technology centre designed to help retail
service providers (RSPs) build and deliver services over the Next Generation
National Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) in Singapore.


Cisco EPIC, together with NexLabs and Nexus-On-Demand,
developed the solution using a platform-as-a-service approach. This solution
offers Shaw Theaters a cost effective, multi-tenanted, cloud-based, online
content management system to provide a fully managed trusted and reliable
infrastructure for content distribution and playback across multiple locations.


With an open architecture, Shaw Theaters can customize
and build unique workflows where content can be updated at any time and from
almost anywhere through a Web browser.


Having access to the platform through the Internet
provides mobility and immediate access to the digital assets, which results in
efficiency and allows the company to enhance its operational manageability and


All content delivered to digital signage screens will be
managed through a centralized, cloud-based content management system that can
be expanded to support other applications and media end-points in the future.
This includes updating and delivery of all digital content across its various


The existing single video walls will be replaced by Cisco
Digital Signs displaying HD content spanning multiple screens. This will create
new opportunities for revenue streams, movie promotions as well as corporate


“Shaw Theaters’ use of technology creates a profound
impact on the retail industry. Retailers now have the power to instantly
customize and manage promotions on the go based on their customers’
demographics and point-of-sale data, down to the retail outlet,” said Irving Tan, general manager for Asia
South at Cisco.


Cisco Digital Signs is a network-based digital signage
application that allows customers to conveniently publish and view digital
media over an IP network to standard and high definition displays.


“Shaw Theatres aims to provide the best customer
experience that starts from the moment they step into our movie theaters in
Singapore. This collaboration with Cisco allows us to work with our movie
distributors, content providers and advertisers to engage the audiences and
business partners more effectively. The efficiencies we have experienced and
the opportunities that we can foresee are aided by how easy it is to create,
manage, publish and access high-quality content,” said Terence Heng, vice president for media
at Shaw Organisation.


Recently, Cisco announced it will acquire
service fulfillment software assets and associated employees from the UK
subsidiary (formerly Axiom Systems) of parent company Comptel Corporation.


The acquisition will enable Cisco to extend network
and service management technologies across its next-generation Internet
Protocol network platforms and enable service providers to more quickly and
efficiently launch new video, data, mobility and cloud services to their


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