Siemens and Streetline introduce advanced parking solution

Telecom Lead America: Siemens Industry and Streetline
announced an advanced parking solution combining smart parking meters, sensors
and applications.


The solution provides cities with flexible parking
options for residents and visitors while reducing traffic congestion in
downtown areas.


“Our new advanced parking solution significantly
improves the driver’s experience, enabling them to find parking quickly and
efficiently. With this fully integrated offering, we can now help cities direct
people to open parking spaces, reduce congestion, lower emissions and improve
quality of life,” said Terry Heath, president, Mobility and Logistics division,
Siemens Infrastructure & Cities.


Siemens’ on- and off-street parking solutions will
improve both traffic flow and a motorists’ experience. Additionally, with
hundreds of service locations across the United States, Siemens is able to
work closely with each city to develop a solution based on its specific needs.


“Parking is one of those universal challenges that
most people around the globe can relate to. Siemens understands what cities
need to become more effective and efficient.  By combining the experience
and technology from Siemens with the smart parking sensor-enabled, web and
mobile apps from Streetline, we can provide an unparalleled set of next
generation offerings to our joint customers. We’re pleased to work with Siemens
to tackle one of the most pressing issues facing cities today,” said Zia
Yusuf, president and CEO of Streetline.


The advanced parking solution makes it easier for
motorists to locate and pay for parking by providing real-time data to
motorists through a free smartphone application that guides drivers to
available parking spaces.


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