Single Touch develops mobile messaging solution for Hero Media Group

Telecom Lead America: Single Touch Systems, a technology
based mobile media solutions provider, has developed a white-label mobile
messaging platform for Hero Media Group.

Single Touch Systems will enable Hero Media to use its
Web-based interface for mobile campaign management.  Hero Media will sell
this platform to Total Defense.

Total defense will use this platform to deliver timely
product and pricing updates, along with promotions and incentives to a
disparate sales force.

The initial collaboration between both companies is to
develop a sales force mobile solution for Total Defense, a solutions provider
to combat cybercrime.

As per the arrangement, Single Touch will receive an
upfront development fee and a minimum monthly recurring revenue guarantee,
offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

Single Touch makes what agencies do better and richer.
This marks a first of what we see as an enormous opportunity to leverage the
power of our platform to help marketing, creative and advertising agencies
deliver a productized service offering to their clients,” said James Orsini,
chief executive officer of Single Touch.

Hero Media Group is an integrated advertising agency
whose clients include CA Technologies, Sharp Electronics, Cartridge World,
Total Defense, Coach USA, Frost King, Verizon and Nike.

In today’s evolving market, agencies are tasked with
efficiently delivering their clients’ messages to a diverse and highly
dispersed group of targets, including customers and in the case of Total
Defense, its sales force. Single touch empowers our partners to deliver a
meaningful return on investment on their mobile media spend,” said James
Orsini, chief executive officer of Single Touch.

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