SOASTA unveils enterprise-class performance testing solution

SOASTA launched CloudTest Lite, an important new edition of SOASTA’s CloudTest Platform. Available as free downloadable software, CloudTest Lite removes the barriers to performance testing Web and mobile applications at any stage in the development lifecycle.

This free, enterprise-grade solution gives developers and testing professionals the flexibility to performance test applications from the beginning, reducing the risk of damaged brand image or lost revenue resulting from poor application performance.

CloudTest Lite eliminates the barriers to conducting critical performance testing of Web and mobile applications,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO, SOASTA.

Now, for the first time, developers and seasoned testers alike can test application performance at low levels throughout the development lifecycle and identify issues early to lower costs, get to market faster, and reduce the risk of poor customer experience.”

Especially today, no Web or mobile application can have slow response or downtime without serious risk. Through performance testing from the earliest stages of development, CloudTest Lite helps ensure that apps can handle anticipated traffic with ease,” Lounibos added.

CloudTest’s patented visual test creation, automated test server provisioning, and real-time resolution allow testing teams to execute performance tests with unparalleled speed and agility, whether testing internally or from the cloud.

CloudTest Lite is the newest member of SOASTA’s growing line of CloudTest editions. It is an enterprise-class offering that enables rapid test creation and real-time resolution for performance testing early and often throughout the development lifecycle.

Delivering internal testing behind the firewall on a single server, customers can execute performance tests of up to 100 concurrent virtual users in development, QA, staging or production.

When it comes to performance testing, too many report organizations not testing regularly or well, and some report not testing at all. The commercial tools they need are too expensive and open source options lack sufficient features, training, and support,” said Scott Barber, founder
and CTO, PerfTestPlus.

With SOASTA’s CloudTest Lite, now every web performance tester can design, implement, execute, and analyze performance tests every day with a product that is easy to learn, yet has the capability to cover complex testing requirements. CloudTest Lite is a game changer,” Barber added.

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