SoTel Systems launches new SoCallMe and SoClear SIP services to enterprises

SoTel Systems, a North American provider of SIP services
that leverages distribution of IP telephony products, has launched SoCallMe and
SoClear SIP Services for SMBs and enterprises. This portfolio of services is
available to enhance applications on IP PBXs or Hybrid PBXs alike.

SoCallMe and SoClear Services are ideal for businesses
that want to expand their company phone services while reducing their existing
POTS telephony costs by delivering inexpensive local, toll-free, domestic and
international long distance service through a robust private IP network.

SoTel Systems’ SIP Trunking offering includes E911
compliance, DIDs and local number portability allowing businesses to keep their
current phone numbers. SIP trunking provided by SoTel Systems will enable
businesses to take advantage of VoIP services that is of a higher quality, more
flexible, and at a minimum 30 percent less than traditional phone service.

“The market for SIP trunking is exponentially
growing with an increased demand of services by both SMBs and enterprises
alike,” states. These customers will experience the reliability of our
network and customer support when purchasing SIP trunking from SoTel Systems
and our Value-Add Resellers,” said Jim Goebel, CEO of SoTel Systems.

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