Telkonet partners with US Navy

Telkonet, a provider of integrated intelligent networking
and smart energy management solutions, announced that the US Navy has received
one of the first ever awarded Authorization to Operate (ATO) orders for
wireless networking solution designated to transport sensitive information from
outside a vessel to inside the hull.

This ATO represents a significant milestone in the
planning and development of wireless solutions created to improve efficiencies
in the US Navy’s maintenance operations. Telkonet’s Series 5 product line
provided key connectivity enabling the wireless signal to penetrate the
exterior of the naval vessels and be distributed effectively throughout the
internal spaces of the vessel undergoing repairs or maintenance.

The ATO was awarded for a wireless solution that will
deliver connectivity to shipyard mechanics and supervisors while working on
vessels while undergoing maintenance. The wireless solution utilizes Telkonet
Series 5 PLC and wireless networking gear to provide a data-transport medium to
extend wireless networking signals inside the hull of a vessel undergoing
repairs or alterations.

Telkonet worked extensively with Navy project personnel
throughout the system development and approval process to ensure the
challenging site conditions would not degrade performance of the equipment.

“This award represents a significant step for our
technology and demonstration of its value in strategic implementations
assisting the US Military. We look forward to working with the Navy throughout
this implementation and many more,” stated Jason Tienor, chief executive
officer of Telkonet.

By Team
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