Top 10 wireless predictions for 2013

Telecom Lead India: Juniper Research has shared top 10 wireless predictions for 2013.

Juniper Research says Big Data will become big business next year.

Top Ten Wireless Predictions for 2013

1. Big Data to Become Big Business

2. Smart Glasses & Other Wearables: 2013, the year of ‘announcements’

3. BYOD trend on the rise, as security issues escalate

4. Retail to embrace the in-store mobile strategy

5. Operators to adopt seamless WiFi & LTE connectivity

6. Mobile Becomes the Connectivity Hub

7. The Year of Microsoft

8. The multi-screen, seamless user experience becomes a reality

9. New mobile and tablet form factors to emerge

10. Social Gaming is on the Rise

According to Juniper Research, while the scale of data generated by mobile sensors, services and applications presents challenges to network providers, that data can in turn provide insight into consumer behavior and allow service providers to anticipate future behavior patterns.

2013 will see not only continuing, dramatic growth in consumer data usage, but a far greater demand for actionable/predictive analytics solutions from players across the mobile value chain, although in some countries adoption may be tempered by concerns about consumer privacy and data protection.

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