VIAVI offers network intelligence, assurance and optimization

Test and measurement (T&M) company VIAVI Solutions has launched NITRO Mobile solutions targeting service providers — delivering network intelligence, assurance and optimization.

Mobile operators are making investment in automated, virtualized and scalable solutions to manage their networks in order to handle traffic and bandwidth demand growth, increasing competition and the new technologies including 5G and IoT

NITRO Mobile, which enables mobile operators to follow a subscriber-centric approach in its business, delivers geo-located, app-aware insight for peak performance.

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“NITRO Mobile leverages scale and virtualization of VIAVI probes, agents and instruments to optimize mobile networks and services with greater automation, real-time analytics and next-generation assurance,” said Steve Urvik, vice president, Visibility, Intelligence and Analytics, VIAVI Solutions.

The mobile data traffic is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 47 percent through 2021, as per Cisco’s Visual Networking Index. Engineers at testing teams are under pressure because mobile service providers are in the process of investing in ultra-dense, scalable, automated networks to deliver intelligent, low-latency, high-bandwidth services.

VIAVI Solutions said NITRO Mobile captures, locates and analyzes all mobile events across the RAN and core, and correlates them by location and application, providing insight to optimize the customer experience and drive new revenue streams.

The T&M company said automated intelligence enables context-driven workflows for faster troubleshooting, identifying parameters and related KPIs to efficiently uncover the root cause of service-specific issues. NITRO Mobile solutions comprise NITRO Mobile Intelligence, NITRO Mobile Assurance and NITRO Mobile Optimization.

What NITRO Mobile does:

# Assures subscriber quality of experience (QoE) on individual services requiring distinct resources or parameters from the network

# Provides insight into devices, locations, services and usage of IoT connections to minimize impact on the overall customer base

# Optimize C-RAN by correlating data from the RAN, core, front-/backhaul and the air interface to deliver intelligence throughout the network lifecycle

# Develop new revenue streams through monetization of the rich analytics set made available to marketers

Patrick Kelly, principal analyst, Appledore Research Group, said: “With the growing use of narrowband IoT, AI and machine learning over the next few years, comprehensive analytics and insight will allow service providers to manage increasingly complex network and service ecosystems, from deployment through delivery of services.”