Wireless platform market to grow at 20% CAGR through 2016

By Telecom Lead Team: The global wireless platform market
is expected to reach $155.2 billion by year 2016, at 20.3 percent CAGR during
the projected period. The global wireless platform market stood at $61.5
billion in year 2011.


The wireless computing platforms are expected to have a
favorable effect on enterprises as they can utilize new and innovative mobile
operating systems, end user devices and wireless network infrastructure,
according to Market Research.


As personal computers shifted computing power to the
desktop from mainframes, wireless devices supplement laptops and desktops,
giving employees powerful end user devices that are well-connected and offer
vital business data owing to integration with enterprise information systems.


The wireless computing platforms and devices are rapidly
becoming an essential ingredient amongst information power users.

The wireless computing platforms offers initial functions
such as synchronized calendars, contact management, wireless messaging and
email. These applications can be preinstalled on wireless computing platforms.


The research firm also predicts that these platforms will
steadily expand over the coming years as enterprises find new and innovative
ways to make their workforce more productive by offering ubiquitous access to
enterprise data. The number of off-the-shelf systems and tools for customized
solutions will also grow steadily.


These wireless platforms generally fall under two broad
categories — smartphones which possess full-blown operating systems and can
run enterprise applications and wireless PDAs integrated with cellular, Wi-Fi
or both.


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