ZyXEL integrates Commtouch security suite in unified security gateway

Telecom Lead India: ZyXEL Communications, a global
networking company, has integrated Commtouch’s cloud-based anti-spam and Web
filtering solutions into its ZyWALL Unified Security Gateway product line.

ZyXEL’s ZyWALL USG enables businesses to secure their
business networks. Commtouch’s security services to the ZyXEL offering provides
customers with threat coverage and enhanced protection from changing threats.

“The inclusion of Commtouch’s protection solutions
in our offerings provides even more sophisticated threat coverage with superior
performance, enabling us to offer more competitive products and solutions, with
advanced features, to satisfy the needs of our customers,” said Alpha
Chen, vice president, head of enterprise solution business unit at ZyXEL.

According to a press release, ZyXEL selected Commtouch’s
email security suite and GlobalView URL Filtering solutions to provide
customers with secure email and browsing. The email security solution blocks
unwanted email such as spam, malware and phishing, and reduces the quantity of

GlobalView URL Filtering protects users from browsing
malicious Web sites that otherwise could infect visitors with malware in the
form of drive-by downloads or steal users’ private credentials.

ZyXEL engineers measured increased threat detection rates
and improved real-time response to new threats as a result of the
implementation of Commtouch’s solutions. The high performance of Commtouch’s
services, strict user data privacy protection and the alignment of corporate
business goals of both companies were also key factors in ZyXEL selecting

“The selection of our security suite by another
major global networking powerhouse demonstrates Commtouch’s leadership in
providing threat protection technology to vendors serious about providing the
best possible protection for their users,” said Ofer Tal, vice president
of international sales and business development at Commtouch.

The company claims that ZyXEL’s adoption of a single
provider for multiple security services has provided tighter integration and
cross-enhanced protection between the different security services it offers,
while enhancing resource management and improving the performance of its
security devices.

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