Asian market sees significant shift in mobile advertising spend

Mobile advertising will generate 4 percent of total
advertising revenues across Asia Pacific by the end of 2011, with regional
market worth of $2.8 billion. Brands are investing more in mobile advertising
campaigns, resulting in a country-by-country increase in spend between 32
percent and 122 percent over 2010, according to Smaato.

Full whitepaper is available here: Smaato

The end of 2011 will see 672 billion mobile internet
users across Asia with China accounting for approximately two-thirds of the
overall growth. While Japan still represents the world’s largest mobile
advertising market, worth $1.7 billion this year, China is catching up as
mobileSQUARED projects that it will join Japan and the US as a billion dollar
market within the next five years.

The fast changing landscape across Asia Pacific reflects
an unparalleled opportunity for mobile advertising. Smaato’s whitepaper also
highlights market differences including smartphone adoption, 3G network rollout
and the growth of social networking that are critical for brands, mobile
publishers and app developers to consider as they look to tap into the region’s
sizeable market potential.

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