AtHoc Unveils Emergency Mass Notification Apps for Smartphones and Tablet PCs

 AtHoc a provider of network-centric emergency mass notification systems, announced new mobile applications for its mass notification platform, AtHoc IWSAlerts.

 These new applications will provide mass alerting functionality to most popular devices including: Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and select BlackBerry phones.

 AtHoc IWSAlerts  mobile applications have been deployed with select customers for field pilots and exercises and will be generally available later this year. AtHoc IWSAlerts is a mass notification platform, unifying both personal and mass notification devices, addressing enterprise-wide needs and deployable over private, public or hybrid cloud architectures.

 The new mobile apps will enhance and extend the reach and capabilities of AtHoc IWSAlerts, including via user location tracking. All user location tracking and geo-targeting is available only if users opt-in and enable this feature on their smartphones and tablet devices, subject to all applicable privacy rules. In addition, AtHoc IWSAlerts operators or first responders now can activate and control the IWSAlerts system through their mobile applications.

  With an increasingly smartphone-enabled population, AtHoc has recognized the ability to leverage the latest mobile technologies as a necessary and important evolution for emergency mass notification systems,” said Guy Miasnik, CEO and President of AtHoc. Many organizations have personnel who are not assigned to physical locations or are simply in the field. By incorporating functionality for devices such as the Android and iPhone, AtHoc has greatly extended the ability to contact, alert and track people in harm’s way via network-centric mobile mass notification technology,” Miasnik added.

 AtHoc provides network-centric emergency mass notification systems to military, homeland security, government and commercial organizations. AtHoc’s products are used for physical security, force protection, personnel accountability, recall and regulatory compliance. Millions of end-users worldwide, in organizations such as the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Veteran Affairs, UCLA, Microsoft, Boeing and Raytheon rely on AtHoc’s unified notification systems for their emergency alerting and critical communication needs.

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