Bay Talkitec unveils Smart LI, a real-time 3G video interception app

Bay Talkitec, a provider of 3G VAS solutions, announced
the launch of Smart LI, world’s first real time 3G video interception
application that allows real time call interception and monitoring through 3G
mobile handsets, IP-video phones, and even soft phones -desktop/laptops in case
the monitoring agency is out of coverage area.

Built as a complete system, Smart Intercept integrates
real time communication interception, logging and analysis of both voice and 3G
video calls.  Besides enabling recording of video and voice communication
which is monitored in real time, a powerful Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting
tool for receiving data from the service provider of the intercepted calls is
also built into this.

Also, when any agency considers intercepting a call, the
system sends a SMS alert whenever the monitored caller makes or receives a call
and the interception can be monitored immediately. It will thus be the first
integrated solution that enables tracking real time 3G video and voice calls
and this provides a great boon to the law enforcement agencies.

When we came to know about the challenges faced in
intercepting 3G Video calls, we took up the issue and leveraging on our vast
experience in the 3G technology, came out with Smart LI,” said D.
Arunan, co-founder & director, Bay Talkitec.

Being an Indian company we are proud to launch world’s
first Real time interception of 3G Video Calls.  The powerful application
with multiple features will change the way law enforcement agencies have
carried out interception and investigation in India,” Arunan added.

This breakthrough product addresses the challenges and
meets fully the requirements of Law enforcement agencies. Smart LI will now
enable all the operators to fulfill the Government requirements for continuing
the 3G services.  The launch of LI will open many opportunities both
within and outside India and propel Bay Talkitec to next level of performance,”
said T. Hariraj, senior vice-president, Sales & Marketing, Bay Talkitec.

By Team
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