Future mobile augmented reality and LBS to be powered by 4 billion MEMS Sensors by 2016: Juniper

Telecom Lead India: Future mobile augmented reality and
location based services will be powered by over 4 billion MEMS (Micro Electro
Mechanical Systems) sensor devices including accelerometer, gyroscopes,
magnetometers and others such as pressure, humidity & temperature sensors,
according to new report from Juniper Research.


The report noted that these inertial or motion sensors
accounted for the majority of the MEMS device market volume and have already
become standard and ‘must-have’ features in almost every mobile devices
including smartphones and tablets.


Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems devices built into mobile
phones to grow to $6 billion by 2016


Earlier, Juniper research predicted that annual revenues
generated by MEMS devices built into mobile phones including sensors, audio,
displays and RF will exceed $6 billion by 2016.


The report predicted that MEMS Sensor devices will witness a declining revenue share
in the market (reaching 60 percent in 2016), as other categories including
Audio & RF begin to contribute towards the total.


The report identified that as these MEMS sensors are
expected to be integrated in mobile devices increasingly over the forecast
period, they will become an important differentiator for mobile device
manufacturers in enabling different capabilities and functionalities.


The report found that the unit prices for MEMS
devices would decrease rapidly over the next few years until reaching a lowest
possible price point over the medium term.


MEMS sensors, especially accelerometers and gyroscopes
have experienced a dramatic reduction in price over the past few years.
Increasingly Vendors need to create or add value to their products by
incorporating more functions into a single MEMS device, thereby further
reducing size, complexity, and cost. This will help to negate the expected
flattening revenues towards the end of the five year forecast period,” said
Nitin Bhas, report author.


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