Meta Network unveils mobile performance network

Meta Network, a global ad network
with worldwide presence for digital advertising campaigns, announced the launch
of its mobile advertising service platform, Meta Mobile Network.

The launch marks the continued
expansion of the company’s proven advertising network.


Meta Network
will bring its vast experience in the online advertising world to the mobile
sector, offering its clients even more visibility in the international ad
market. Addressing the increasing growth of end users accessing ads on their
smart phones and other mobile devices as well as the rising demand for
mobile-based advertising, Meta Network will expand its dedicated client service
now into the world of mobile.


Meta Network’s mobile advertising
solution, which enables clients’ ads to be seen on mobile devices including WAP
and mobile apps among others, offers advertisers an opportunity to reach their
audience on a global scale, and can be targeted into a number of verticals
including News, Sports, Shopping, and Entertainment among several others.


The platform gives advertisers more
digital solutions than ever before. Each particular advertisement can lead to a
number of actions including bringing a user to a landing page, click-to-call,
text, play video, etc.


Additionally, the ads are all based
on performance, therefore they not only involve CPC, but also include CPA and
CPL formats giving advertisers who are now considering the advantages of mobile
ad campaigns more confidence and comfortable to enter mobile advertising than
ever before.


“We developed our mobile
solution as a response to the growing demand among advertisers who were seeking
an effective mobile presence in a variety of markets across the world as we
have the capabilities to interact with end users and are able to count
conversions and actions each user makes within the landing page,” said
Mariano Tesler, co-founder, Meta Network.


“Since our launch in 2007 Meta
Network has continued to steadily build momentum and we feel the launch of this
mobile platform illustrates the innovation and results-driven approach that we
bring to our customers,” Tesler added.


By Team