Nokia to supply NAVTEQ Maps to BMW and Mercedes to drive navigation systems

Telecom Lead Europe: Nokia has tied up BMW and Mercedes to power their next generation navigation systems.

Nokia’s Location & Commerce business is supplying global NAVTEQ Maps to BMW that will offer new features and content including visual guides such as Enhanced 3D City Models and Motorway Junction Objects on BMW 7-series.

BMW’s Eco Pro Route, which generates fuel efficient route, leverages NAVTEQ Map content to select routes which reduce fuel consumption by avoiding congestion and steep hills etc. In addition, data such as historical speed patterns, traffic signals, stop signs, driver alerts, bends and slopes is used to highlight key road conditions ahead which could influence driving speed.

BMW is using NAVTEQ Map data required for ADAS applications such as power management based on height data and speed profiles and the Eco Pro Route application.

“Today, our goal is to understand and anticipate driver needs and demands and deliver the right products at the right time. We have the content, platform and services available to support BMW as the company continues to innovate,” said Bruno Bourguet, senior vice president Sales and Business Development, Nokia Location & Commerce.

Meanwhile, Mercedes will use Nokia’s NAVTEQ Maps and content to enable navigation systems in the full A-Class range. A-Class drivers will be able to experience a variety of additional new features including visual 3D imagery, traffic data, driver alerts and speed limits.

Drivers can easily navigate through unfamiliar cities using visual content such as 3D City Models and 3D Landmarks by taking advantage of features like Extended Lanes, which guide drivers to the correct lane at complex junctions.

Mercedes drivers can choose from three different systems – a premium high-end model, an entry level navigation and a mobile version. This includes over 24 million in-vehicle navigation systems that span commercial and personal vehicles. NAVTEQ Map data is the content heart of the Nokia Location Platform.

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