To strengthen 3G presence, Netxcell unveils new IVR and video OBD products

Telecom Lead India: To strengthen its presence in 3G market, VAS provider Netxcell has launched its new IVR and Video OBD products.

For upgrading the products, the VAS provider has added video deliverable capabilities on voice and data products and applications across all channels.

Debasis Chatterji, CEO – Netxcell

Last year, Netxcell developed video OBD (Outbound Dialing) for Indian 3G market and Single IVR, an Interactive Voice Response technology platform.

Additional features to IVR Module and OBD product will enhance customer loyalty by offering better connectivity. Indian telecom operators will benefit as they can analyze impact of the particular campaign or promotion that plays an important role to improve revenue streams of telecom operators in India.

The new version of Video OBD is more interactive and can support multiple audio & video codec’s.

Indian telecom operators can bring in a range of 3G handsets with video OBD services for better penetration. It will enable the operator to run video contests and promotions of movie trailers as well in a better manner.

Netxcell’s IOBD, an inbuilt module of the OBD product, is designed to query core network elements of the operator to identify the subscriber location. Intelligent OBD is designed to deliver Instant Alert and Call Patching in much shorter time duration than currently possible.

These new features enable the telecom operator to recognize when a subscriber latches onto a network and then help the system to connect the call accordingly. This will help in increasing the contact percentage, enhancing the productivity of a marketing campaign.

“Our focus is to continue delivering year on year excellence to our clients through innovation and hence IVR and VOBD are the areas where we have innovated. These additional features in these products will add significant value to our customers and will strengthen our position in the market as the innovators,” said Debasis Chatterji, CEO – Netxcell.

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