Keysight expands Signal Studio software suite for LTE-Advanced and Wi-SUN standard

Keysight Technologies on Friday announced signal generation software for the IEEE 802.15.4g-based Wi-SUN standard and support for LTE/LTE-Advanced uplink (UL) 2×2 MIMO with real-time Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ).

The telecom test and measurement company said these two additions are part of the company’s Signal Studio software suite of signal creation tools — aimed at easing the signal generation needs for R&D and manufacturing engineers developing or testing the conformance of devices to the Wi-SUN and LTE/LTE-A standards.

N7610B Signal Studio

Keysight’s new N7610B Signal Studio software generates Wi-SUN signals and supports the MR-FSK and MR-OFDM Wi-SUN modes. A fully coded advanced capability allows the software to make receiver conformance tests using Keysight signal generators (e.g., MXG/EXG, PSG/ESG or PXIe).

Priced between $2,800 and $3,500, Keysight N7610B is well suited to support the needs of the emerging market for smart utility networks (e.g., smart grid) in Japan and those companies in the U.S. working on Wi-SUN-based solutions and products.

Keysight expands Signal Studio software suite

The 802.15.4g PHY carries multiple data rates in frequency bands from 450 MHz to 2.4 GHz and operates in three modes: 1) multi-rate multi-regional frequency shift keying (MR-FSK); 2) multi-rate orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MR-OFDM); and 3) multi-rate multi-regional offset quadrature phase shift keying (MR-OQPSK).

N7624B/25B Signal Studio

Priced at $9,687, Keysight N7624B/25B Signal Studio for LTE/LTE-Advanced, a LTE eNB receiver conformance test solution, is the industry’s first LTE UL 2×2 MIMO with real-time HARQ signal generation solution.

The N7624B/25B solution is ideal for base station R&D engineers working on LTE eNB receiver conformance testing to the 3GPP TS 36.141 standard. The software runs on either Keysight’s PXB or X-Series signal generator.

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