LANCK Telecom wins TelecomLead Innovation Leaders Award 2020

LANCK Telecom is one of the winners of Innovation Leaders 2020 for bringing A&B Number Handshake, an innovative fraud management system.
LANCK Telecom - TelecomLead Innovation Leaders Award 2020
In addition to controlling toll fraud, conducting better payments dispute control, LANCK’s system enables law enforcement to become involved in the collection of fraud evidence. Lanck is well-known as a top 25 wholesaler of international phone traffic.

# Nature of innovation

LANCK Telecom developed a global solution for calls validation for operators – A&B Number Handshake. This solution was developed for MNO’s, MVNO’s, Virtual PBX service providers and for applications that use SIP agents (skype-like).

The solution eliminates the slightest possibility of Robocalls, CLI Spoofing, Interconnect Bypass, Call duration manipulation, etc. infiltrating the traffic unnoticed. It is achieved through a real-time exchange of call event details between the originating and terminating operators through the encrypted out-of-band operator-to-operator channel with comparison of call details and exchange of comparison results.

A&B number handshake allows the determination of the real characteristics of the traffic and its origin with 100 percent accuracy. This completely eliminates any potential damage from most fraud types.

The fraud attack will be detected and negated before damage is done and its source will be precisely determined. All data about calls and attacks is thoroughly logged which makes it possible to use this documented information in discussions with other operators.

Additionally, the innovation solution stands out from its competitors thanks to being not just a system of statistical prediction but rather a complex solution to the existing problem since it provides information about the traffic in real-time and not just by indicating if traffic might be potentially fraudulent.

# Details about product or service or solution

This product is a new standard of calls validation for every player on the market. It provides a solution for traffic data exchange between operators that is implemented as a software and hardware and is integrated into the infrastructures of operators. It works as a two-way information exchange about the routed traffic and its characteristics between operator systems.

The main distinction from the closest competitors is that this solution is compatible both with TDM and SIP network types, establishing interaction between operators on a software level through an encrypted channel. The second one is that you do not need to invest significant resources in system integration and setup. The system was developed in such a way that any operator of any size from any country can afford to use our product.

# Measurable impact

The proposed solution is made for the telecom market in the field of end to end validation of calls in real time.

The market loses more than $28 billion due to fraud attacks annually.

LANCK Telecom conducted a test launch with simulation of 5 mobile operators in 3 data centers in Hongkong, Frankfurt and New York. The results showed 100 percent efficiency of the project and met expectations.

Even in the minimum configuration on one server, the solution analyzes 100,000 simultaneous calls while 1600 new calls are monitored every second.

# Team behind the innovation

The A&B Number Handshake  solution has been developed by the technology division of LANCK Telecom, a global long-distance carrier that provides voice and SMS termination to fixed-line and wireless networks.  The company prides itself on innovative ways to  combat fraud developing  cutting-edge systems that leverage signaling intelligence in real-time, feeding the information through deep-learning algorithms.

“The solution was created due to several crucial issues in the mobile world: the growing volume of robocalls with CLI spoofing, growing fraud danger for operators in developing countries, and the fact that fraudsters continue to invent new scenarios,” LANCK Telecom COO, Sergey Okhrimenko, said.

Winners of the Innovation Awards 2020 were selected by a group of technology journalists, analysts and telecom industry veterans. We are not disclosing their names since some of them have NDA-related issues.