Sprint deploys IBM MobileFirst solution to better connected car experience

Telecom major Sprint is deploying IBM MobileFirst solutions to better connected car experience.

The American mobile operator will use IBM MessageSight that assists enterprises to communicate with mobile devices and sensors available in automobiles, traffic management systems, smart buildings and household appliances

GSMA says the global connected car market is predicted to be worth nearly $53 billion in 2018, up from $17 billion in 2012.

IBM MessageSight enables Sprint Velocity Service Bus, a communication architecture, to ensure increased flexibility for auto manufacturers and an improved driver experience that can anticipate needs and make consumers’ lives more convenient.

Sprint Velocity Service Bus instantly unlocks a car with a smartphone or tablet, an action that used to take 60 seconds.

The newly launched service allows a dealer to proactively communicate service suggestions based on sensor readings.

In addition, the new platform will to improve the consumer experience with features that are delivered more quickly and accurately.

“Transfer of personalization and customization settings to the connected car is the next logical step for automotive manufacturers looking to drive innovation in a very competitive market,” said Bob S. Johnson, director of development for Sprint Velocity.

Sprint Velocity platform offers in-vehicle connections such as music, news, weather, sports, infotainment features, security, navigation, remote connections for mobile devices, emergency services and engine diagnostic

IBM says enhancement to the Sprint Velocity Service Bus service enables users to do make preferences such as seat position, cabin temperature and radio stations.

These preferences are stored in the cloud and are updated and synched via the driver’s smartphone every time the car is turned on. The cloud enables a user to port these preferences across multiple vehicles.

IBM MessageSight requires low bandwidth and offers the speed and scale necessary for automakers to easily and economically connect maintenance and operational sensors back to dealers, or link mobile devices, security, navigation and locking/unlocking capabilities.

IBM MessageSight is capable of supporting millions of concurrent sensors or smart devices and can scale up to 13 million messages per second.


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