KDDI America offers Juniper security suite to smartphones


KDDI America, the U.S. division of KDDI CORPORATION,
announced it will provide KDDI Mobile users and other smartphone users Juniper
Networks Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite a comprehensive security software
suite that protects mobile devices and defends users’ mobile life, securing
sensitive data stored on mobile devices that are used for work, play or both.


Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite is a comprehensive
solution that includes smartphone security, management and centralized control
for enterprises and consumers via a simple smartphone client and cloud-based
web interface.


Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite is an ideal solution
for enterprise IT departments, providing centralized control through the
web-based Junos Pulse Mobile Security Gateway, protecting a broad range of
mobile devices from mobile malware, viruses, spam, and other exploits, while
providing superior loss and theft protection.


The Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite offers real-time
antivirus protection that automatically updates and scans files received over
all network connections, including email, SMS, MMS, direct download, Bluetooth,
Infrared transmission and others.


Loss and theft protection features, including remote lock
and/or wipe, GPS locate and tracking, device backup and restore options, and
remote alarm notification.


Anti-spam blacklist filtering for voice and SMS
communication and Monitoring and control features for viewing call logs,
address books, SMS, emails and photos and history.

Additionally, Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite enables
America to offer a parental control monitoring system, delivering locate,
track, monitor and control features for smartphones and mobile devices used by
children and teenagers.


An increase in the mobile security threat landscape,
combined with a more mature understanding of the role security technology can play
in combating and mitigating these threats, is leading to greater IT investments
in mobile security.


Based on the growing sophistication of mobile devices as
well as the growing sophistication of mobile threats keeping pace with mobile
device growth and the level and sensitivity of corporate data stored on those
devices, the risk of data loss from mobile devices or theft of mobile devices
is significant.


Now, with Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite end users can
self-provision securely, and data can be secure and stored and visualized in a
central location by the IT end user.


Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite provides diverse mobile
platform support for Google Android devices, Apple iOS devices including Apple
iPhones and iPads, RIM BlackBerry devices, and Microsoft Windows Mobile


KDDI America will provide additional discounts to KDDI
Mobile users and will offer this service for free until the end of 2011. For
other customers, the pilot promotion is a 30 day free trial which will be
offered during July 2011.


“It is a great opportunity for our customers and
prospects to participate in a free trial and experience this level of security
management. It is the most comprehensive mobile security solution being offered
at this time,” said Sandra de Novellis, director of marketing, KDDI


Heavy reliance on smart mobile devices in our daily lives
to drive work productivity and one’s own personal productivity has made mobile
security a serious concern for enterprises and consumers.


Juniper delivers a comprehensive secure mobility solution
which ensures businesses and consumers are able to secure high value mobile
services and applications, while protecting vital, sensitive data from risk.


By Team
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