Mobiquity buys KMDM to address market demand for services


Mobiquity, a professional services firm specializing in
the design, build, deployment and analysis of innovative enterprise-class
mobile solutions, announced it has acquired KMDM, a mobile development shop.


The acquisition of KMDM was made in response to the
market’s exploding demand for Mobiquity’s range of mobile professional
services. KMDM is the second company Mobiquity has rolled-in since its founding
in April 2011.


Mobiquity chose to roll-in KMDM to its
business based on the company’s proven expertise in developing mobile
applications for companies in industries including financial services,
healthcare, retail, and travel and leisure.


KMDM clients include organizations such as Putnam
Investments, Savant, National Public Radio, Vgo Communications, LiveWire
Mobile, and Constant Contact. Work for these companies and others will now fall
under the Mobiquity banner.


KMDM’s CEO, David Micalizzi, will become vice president, client
services for Mobiquity. All other KMDM employees will become Mobiquity


“Analysts say mobile computing will create a bigger
and more profitable impact on businesses than the Internet through increased
customer engagement, loyalty and higher employee productivity. And Mobiquity’s
momentum to date is proving this out,” said Bill Seibel, CEO of Mobiquity.


“Mobiquity’s strategy is to identify best-of-breed
companies in the mobile space we can quickly roll-in to the company to continue
meeting client demand for our services. We recognized KMDM as a mobile leader
based on the strength and creativity of the work they’ve done for major brands
in the market. Our vision for the future of mobile computing was similarly aligned.
We’re delighted to welcome them to the Mobiquity team,” Seibel added.


Mobiquity recently announced it has been selected
by NORC at the University of Chicago to help it leverage mobile computing to
transform the way NORC interacts with its stakeholders.

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