Nokia releases Nokia Browser update for Series 40 devices

Telecom Lead Europe: Mobile major Nokia has released
Nokia Browser 2.0, a major update dedicated to Nokia Series 40 devices.


The new version of browser reduces data consumption by up
to 90 percent, which allows user for a cheaper and faster internet access.


The company said that websites load up to three times
faster in comparison to devices without cloud-accelerated browsing and
consumers will also benefit from a number of other enhanced capabilities.


Furthermore, Nokia Browser 2.0 has a new and improved Download
Manager that helps consumers to manage external content easily, saving music,
video or pictures on a memory card, while surfing the internet.


“With our new version, we’ve created a newer,
faster, better browsing experience. As many consumers around the world will
experience the internet for the first time through a mobile phone, this is a
great step towards our goal to connect the Next Billion,” said Dieter May,
senior vice president of mobile phones services, Nokia.


With this update, the company said that developers will
find new monetization capabilities, more extensive user interface options for
their web apps and productivity improvements for Nokia Web Tools so they can
continue delivering engaging, connected experiences to the ‘Next Billion’


The update supports all forms of Series 40, such as
Touch, QWERTY and Non-Touch, including the Nokia Asha range, as well
as popular devices such as the Nokia C3-00, Nokia C2-03 and Nokia X3-02.


The update will be pre-loaded on some current and all
future Nokia Series 40 devices, while for existing users the update arrives as
a free, optional over-the-air download. New users can download it from
the Nokia Store. The browser is available in 87 languages in over 200
countries and territories.


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