Windows Phone shipment to surpass BlackBerry in Asia Pacific by 2014

Telecom Lead India: As mobile major Nokia and Microsoft aggressively trying to elate the uptake of
their Windows based Lumia portfolio against incumbents such as Android,
BlackBerry and iPhone, Ovum predicts that Windows Phone will surpass BlackBerry
to seize the third spot in smartphone shipments to the Asia-Pacific region by

Last month, Nokia and technology giant Microsoft announced that they will each invest up to 9
million euros into a newly established mobile application development program
at Aalto University during the next three years. This move will significantly
help Nokia to set up an ecosystem for the Windows-based

In coming year, the Windows Phone shipments will be
supported by the Window-based smartphone offerings from companies such as ZTE and HTC.

Meanwhile, Ovum predicts that the smartphone shipments for
Asia-Pacific region will lead by Android-based smartphones. The data released
by Ovum suggests that shipments for Android-based smartphones will reach 79.8
million at the end of 2012, followed by iOS-iPhone and Blackberry with 44.3
million and 16.84 million shipments respectively.

In 2012, the firm predicts that Windows-based smartphone shipments
will be reaching 10.6 million. The uptake of Windows-based samrtphones will see
a significant growth after 2014.

Globally, Ovum predicts that Android will dominate the
smartphone market over the next five years. Smartphones based on Android accounted
for 44 percent of the smartphone market in 2011, which was an increase from 17
percent in 2010.

In Asia-Pacific region, Android smartphone shipments will be
reaching at 283.4 million by 2017, followed by iOS and Windows Phone with 186.8
million and 96.25 million shipments respectively.

Total shipments of BlackBerry samrtphones in the
Asia-Pacific region will stand at 64.4 million by 2017.

China to become largest smartphone market in 2012, India will
grab third spot in 2016

According to IDC, China will become largest market for
Smartphones in 2012, while India will grab third spot by 2016.

By 2016, India’s country-level Smartphone market share
will increase to 9.3 percent from 2.2 percent in 2011. Presently, India stands
at 9th rank, which will improve by 2016 at 3nd rank.

The Indian smartphone market will witness galloping growth
throughout the forecast period, as carriers are expected to aggressively roll
out 3G networks and data plans, according to IDC.

Danish Khan