Apple Q2 FY 2014 result: India sales doubled, China iPhone boost revenues, iPad flopped

Apple today said its Q2 2014 revenue rose 5 percent to $45.64 billion, while its profit increased 7.4 percent to $10.2 billion. Apple iPhone sales in China, Europe and America boosted its result. India iPhone sales doubled.

The company promised that there will be more products and services in coming quarters.

Apple said its iPhone shipments rose 17 percent to 43,719,000 units. Revenue iPhones increased 14 percent to $26.06 billion.

iPad sales plummeted 16 percent to 16,350,000, while Apple iPad revenue decreased 13 percent to $7.61 billion.

Apple said revenue increased 2 percent to $14.31 billion in America region, 4 percent to $10.23 billion in Europe, 13 percent to $9.28 billion in China, 26 percent to $3.69 billion in Japan, 17 percent to $2.62 billion in rest of Asia Pacific.

Apple Q2 2014 revenue

The device vendor had a worst sequential growth with Q2 FY 2014 revenue declining 21 percent as compared with Q1 FY 2014. America topped the list with 29 percent quarter-on-quarter decline and Europe 22 percent dip. China sequential growth was 5 percent, Japan 20 percent and rest of Asia Pacific 28 percent.

Apple iPhones in India

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that iPhone continued to perform exceptionally well in many developing markets. In Greater China, Brazil, Indonesia, Poland and Turkey, iPhone sales grew by strong double-digits year-over-year, and in India and Vietnam sales more than doubled.

India’s price market progressed by key organizations are leading the charge to replace legacy devices and systems, and are using iPhone and iOS to drive innovation of the companies. Deutsche Bank has nearly 20,000 iPhones running on its network and has created 40 internal apps that expand the capabilities of its mobile workforce.

“Some of the numbers that we’ve experienced just to quote some of the more historic prepaid market through the first half of 2014; Brazil was up 61 percent, Russia was up 97 percent, Turkey was up 56 percent, India was up 55 percent, Vietnam was up 262 percent,” Cook said.

Apple gained smartphone share in many developed and emerging markets including the U.S., the UK, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Vietnam and Greater China. Apple established a new all-time record for total iPhone sales in the BRIC countries.

Apple will focus on iPad sales. “We continue to believe that the tablet market will surpass the PC market in size within the next few years and we believe that Apple will be a major beneficiary of this trend,” said Cook.

The company will expand products and services into new categories. It will be investing through acquisitions. Apple acquired 24 companies in the past 18 months.

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