Qualcomm brings 60GHz Wi-Fi chipsets

Qualcomm Technologies announced 60GHz Wi-Fi chipsets, the QCA64x8 and QCA64x1, delivering 10+ gigabit-per-second (Gbps) network speeds.
Qualcomm for mobile chipsUS-based Qualcomm Technologies said its 60GHz Wi-Fi chipsets have the flexibility to meet challenging demands. Its capabilities support new 60GHz Wi-Fi Sensing applications like proximity and presence detection, gesture recognitions, room mapping with location and improved facial feature detection.

Qualcomm Technologies is the first-to-market with 60GHz Wi-Fi solution with optimizations based on the 802.11ay specification, enabling 60GHz Wi-Fi speeds and coverage.

“Qualcomm Technologies is leading the charge with both its Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G NR modem family and unlicensed 60GHz Wi-Fi mmWave solution,” said Rahul Patel, senior vice president and general manager, connectivity and networking, Qualcomm Technologies.

Qualcomm Technologies said its 11ay 60GHz Wi-Fi chipsets includes QCA6438 and QCA6428 for infrastructure and fixed wireless access, and QCA6421 and QCA6431 for mobile applications.

mmWave-based 60GHz Wi-Fi, a low interference, bandwidth-rich spectrum that delivers wireless capacity, gigabit speeds, and low latency, is suitable for wireless ecosystems including mobile, enterprise, outdoor backhaul, and the smart home.

“We work with Qualcomm Technologies to develop 60 GHz solutions based on Facebook’s Terragraph technology and Qualcomm Technologies’ chipsets,” said Anuj Madan, product manager at Facebook.