Xilinx to supply chips to Fujitsu for U.S. 5G network gear

Xilinx said on Thursday it will supply chips to Fujitsu for 5G telecom network gear to be used in a new U.S. network.
Xilinx Telco Accelerator CardSuch equipment traditionally worked only with parts from the same maker, and the market was dominated by a handful of companies such as Nokia and Ericsson. A shift toward open standards has allowed Fujitsu to expand beyond its home territory of Japan, and other players such as Samsung Electronics to play a bigger role, Reuters reported.

Fujitsu and Xilinx, which is being acquired for $35 billion by Advanced Micro Devices, said 5G gear would be used for a new 5G network in the United States, but did not name the carrier.

DISH Network has announced plans for such a network.