Alcatel-Lucent’s lightRadio connects the world


Alcatel-Lucent announced the world’s first long-distance,
high-quality mobile video-call using lightRadio, a system pioneered by
Alcatel-Lucent to transform the economics and efficiency of mobile telephony.



Industry executives, technology leaders and analysts
witnessed the inaugural lightRadio video call made from the headquarters of
Bell Labs, the innovation engine of Alcatel-Lucent.



Chris Lewis, group vice president of industry analysts
IDC, hosted the call from Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey, connecting with
Ben Verwaayen, chief executive of Alcatel-Lucent in Paris, and delegates at a business conference in Miami.



lightRadio is set to transform mobile communications, improving the quality of network
services for consumers while dramatically reducing the size, carbon footprint
and energy consumption of mobile base stations.



We have taken lightRadio from the drawing-board to a
fully working system, creating an entirely new system to connect customers
around the world,” Ben Verwaayen said.



The launch of lightRadio will help address exploding
demand for mobile broadband services and increasing global consumption of
wireless content. This has been fuelled by the adoption of smartphones and the
popularity of video applications, social networking and mobile gaming services
– all requiring wireless service providers to provide greater speed and
capacity everywhere.



Network operators such as France Telecom/Orange,
Telefonica and China Mobile are now engaged with Alcatel-Lucent in co-creating
the market implementation of lightRadio. The system is expected to deliver
significant operational savings for carriers and infrastructure owners by
marking an end to the existing system of complex base stations and large cell



Alcatel-Lucent predicts that lightRadio will help cut the
cost of mobile infrastructure site, energy consumption, operations and
maintenance. Bell Labs estimates that the total cost of ownership of mobile
networks, the sum spent by mobile operators on access systems, reached 150 billion
Euros in 2010.



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