Air2Web unveils AirCodez that will enable brands to engage with customers

Air2Web announced the launch of AirCodez, a 2D
service that allows clients to use 2D QR barcodes in their
promotions and campaigns. AirCodez targeted at
enterprises across all verticals will enable them to connect
information to the digital world seamlessly. The new
solution promises to open a whole new world for brands to engage with customers
in a more personal manner.

AirCodez will change the way brands
communicate with people,” said Jay Sheth, president and CEO, Air2Web India.

The possibilities for a brand to what it can
offer its customers are immense. The regular barcodes that we see on products
today can support only about 14 to 17 characters of information. 2D barcodes
have the ability to embed up to 7000+ characters which allows the marketer to
give instant access to information, websites, videos, reviews.2D barcodes are
widely used in Japan today and are gaining momentum in Europe and USA, and I am
confident by end of 2011 a number of brands will join the QR bandwagon in India
as well,” Sheth added.

Air2Web can help clients
encode different types of actions like sending an SMS, initiating a voice call,
opt-in to a campaign, push a mobile Coupon, lead to a web page, initiating a
video etc. into 2D barcodes that than be scanned and decoded by using a camera
capable mobile phone.

QR is a new way to engage with customers
either in-store or through the website. AirCodez enables enterprises and
professionals to generate a unique QR code and embed them into the website or
print them on print advertisements, in-store display and scanning. 
Consumers can download the QR reader on their mobile from Air2Web’s site.

Air2Web’s AirCodez app will be positioned in the Indian market as the content embedded in the
code can be interpreted by all the standard 2D QR readers currently available
in the market. AirCodez’s also offers brands the flexibility to change the
information they want to provide to their consumers without changing the code.

If a particular brand has created a unique
AirCodez, they can use the same code for multiple campaigns as they will only
be required to change the information at the backend. This USP positions
AirCodez ahead of other QR codes available globally as they allow the brands to
store only particular information. And if new information needs to be
communicated to the consumers a different code will have to be generated. Such
process is time consuming and may turn out to be an expensive proposition by
the brands.

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