Asia America Gateway selects Alcatel-Lucent to upgrade submarine data link

Alcatel-Lucent has formed partnership with Asia America Gateway (AAG) to upgrade the submarine data link covering the route from the Philippines to the United States.

The partnership leverages Alcatel-Lucent’s advanced coherent technology to deliver an adaptable solution to continue implementing the staged upgrade strategy to meet significant bandwidth increments over time, while protecting our investments in the subsea plant, AAG officials said.

The 20,000 km-long AAG system will add multi-terabit data capacity to cope with the rapid expansion of data traffic in countries along its route, while rapidly increasing its capability to meet cloud service requirements.

Spanning almost half the length of the Equator, AAG connects Malaysia to the U.S. via Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii and the U.S. west coast.

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Asia-America Gateway was launched in 2009 as the breakthrough in delivering the first terabit submarine cable network between south-east Asia and the U.S., being designed for an ultimate capacity of 1.92 terabit-per-second (Tbit/s).

The advanced coherent technology to be used for this upgrade will deliver a capability to upgrade the system to over 8 Tbit/s and will contribute to further strengthen communications reliability over the Asia-US route.

“This new investment in additional capacity on the AAG system will further help to address the persistent demand for anywhere, anytime broadband access,” said Vito Pavone, chairman of the AAG Management Committee.

Alcatel-Lucent’s unique solution delivers an easy means of scaling up to multi-terabit capacity, offering evolution for submarine line terminal equipment while combining technological and economic benefits.

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