ATC develops ultra-broadband capacitor for high-speed digital data markets

ATC, a
manufacturer of microwave, millimeter-wave and RF passive components, has
developed an ultra-broadband capacitor (UBC) for optical high-speed data
communications signal integrity markets.

This product
has been designed to provide repeatable ultra-broadband performance. The 550L
is a rugged ceramic capacitor that provides excellent performance for digital
transmission and reception of high-speed data signals. This component provides
ultra-low insertion loss, flat frequency response and excellent matching over
multiple octaves of frequency spectrum.

The market is
continually moving to higher data transmission rates and requires an increasing
number of high-performance ultra-broadband components, which in turn reflects
in increased customer demand. The 550L Series ultra-broadband capacitors have
been designed to serve high-volume ultra-broadband markets for customers
requiring outstanding performance at optical high-speed data bandwidths,” said
Richard Fiore, director of RF applications engineering at ATC.

The 550L has
been engineered in a one-piece orientation-insensitive 0402 SMT package, making
the product fully compatible with high speed automated pick-and-place
manufacturing operations. Providing a capacitance value of 100nF, frequency
coverage from 16KHz through 40+GHz., typical insertion loss of < 0.5dB, and
a voltage rating of 16WVDC, the 550L Series provides excellent return loss and
unit-to-unit performance repeatability. The 550L Series capacitors are
RoHS-compliant and are available with gold terminations.

This series
provides superior ultra-broadband performance and reliability, making them
ideal for the requirements of the most stringent ultra-broadband applications,
including optoelectronics / high-speed data, transimpedance amplifiers,
receive-and-transmit, optical sub-assembly (ROSA/TOSA), synchronous optical
networking (SONET), broadband test equipment and broadband

Typical pricing
for the 550L Series ultra-broadband capacitor is $1.73 in 10K quantity, with a
lead time of four weeks.

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