BLiNQ Networks adds new NLOS backhaul system for small cells

BLiNQ Networks has introduced its new Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) backhaul system for small cells, the X-1200.

The X-1200 solution allows mobile operators to rapidly deploy small cells to deliver coverage and capacity to where they’re needed most.

BLiNQ Networks in a statement said it uses advanced antenna technology to enable better NLOS coverage and simple installation, reducing Opex and Capex associated with backhaul deployments.

The company claims that the X-1200 supports both licensed and unlicensed spectrum and is the first wireless backhaul solution capable of adapting to changes in the environment where it’s deployed and provide the best possible user experience.

The company said the X-1200 Adaptive Dual-Band NLOS System is capable of simultaneously supporting licensed and unlicensed sub-6 GHz bands. The solution is available today and the first operator deployments are expected in mid-2014.

Mickey Miller, co-founder and CEO of BLiNQ Networks

Mickey Miller, co-founder and CEO of BLiNQ Networks, said: “The X-1200 delivers capacity required to support multi-standard (LTE/HSPA/Wi-Fi) small cells with minimum use of spectrum and allows carriers to deploy in street level environments while scaling to meet growing capacity and changing coverage needs.”

The new X-1200 Adaptive Dual-Band System enables simultaneous operation in licensed and unlicensed spectrum delivering high capacity in limited licensed frequency bands and very effective and reliable use of unlicensed spectrum.

Radu Selea, CTO, BLiNQ Networks, said: “With the X-1200, a system can be configured and installed using integrated software functions, in 20 minutes or less.”

The X-1200 has continuous real-time closed-loop RF environment characterization and can deliver capacity when and where needed by matching traffic type with optimal radio resources. The system supports link rehoming, which minimizes the need for ‘truck rolls’ as the network scales or changes, making it the most adaptable and flexible wireless backhaul solution on the market today.