Brocade unveils new 24-port 10 GbE module for Brocade MLXeSeries routers

Telecom Lead India: Brocade has launched the new 24-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) module for Brocade MLXeSeries routers.

Brocade MLXeSeries routers

Data centers and service provider networks will benefit as it has the capability to scale up to 768 ports of 10 GbE in a single chassis. The new module triples existing 10 GbE density.

Brocade also unveiled the 12.5 software release for Brocade ADX Application Delivery Switches, delivering a new multitenancy capability without compromising performance or flexibility.

The Brocade MLXe router with the new 24-port 10 GbE module is optimized for large-scale service provider Supercore networks and Internet data center core applications where high port density, scalable MPLS, rich routing and deep buffering capabilities are required.

Using the new 24-port 10 GbE module, carriers can create scalable BGP-free MPLS Supercore networks optimized for high-speed transport and fast convergence.

For network operators in large data centers, the 768-port density achieved with the new 24-port 10 GbE module provides significant advancements for consolidation at the core of the network.

With advanced Layer 3 switching capabilities the Brocade MLXe router in the core of the data center complements Brocade VCS Fabric technology running on the family of Brocade VDX switches in the access and aggregation layers.

“Network operators are challenged to scale their networks and manage increasing complexity — with more routers, more subnets and massive dynamic flows,” said Ken Cheng, vice president of Service Provider and Application Delivery Products at Brocade.

“Internet2 is a consortium made up of research and higher education facilities from around the country, supplying the world’s leading research facilities with advanced networks and services to support high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities,” said Rob Vietzke, vice president of network services at Internet2.

“We applaud the Foundation’s member companies as they continue to execute on SDN strategy and roadmap. By building products with industry-leading density and performance, member companies will enable customers across the industry to adopt SDN and OpenFlow technologies in a logical and predictive manner,” said Dan Pitt, executive director, Open Networking Foundation (ONF).

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