Cisco unveils new Wi-Fi location data analytics platform targeting telecoms and enterprises

Telecom Lead Asia: Cisco has launched Wi-Fi location data analytics platform to help businesses enhance customer experiences and create new monetization opportunities.


For instance, Fernbank Museum of Natural History has deployed an Internet solution delivering new personalized applications and experiences to visitors on their mobile devices. The new location based products will work in tandem on the AT&T Wi-Fi network.

“AT&T’s vision is to expand the value of Wi-Fi networks from high-quality connectivity to a business innovation platform — a direct result of our commitment to consumers and the business community that serves them. We view the Fernbank Museum as a showcase of technology innovation applied towards changing the relevance of a business proposition to its consumers,” said Joey Schultz, vice president of consumer marketing, AT&T.

Copenhagen Airport has deployed Cisco’s new context aware location data analytics to help improve operational efficiency, make smarter business decisions and provide a better travel experience for its passengers.

The new location services and analytic features included in the Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE), part of the company’s Unified Access solution, Cisco is committed to providing an intelligent network for retail, travel, hospitality, healthcare, education and other industries.

“These mobile networking advancements mark the end of the days of inaccurate, two-dimensional maps and ‘good-enough’ services offered to people at indoor-locations and venues,” said Sujai Hajela, vice president and general manager, Wireless Networking Group, Cisco.

Cisco is collaborating with Qualcomm Atheros to deliver precise indoor location capabilities on mobile devices, while helping ensure interoperability with Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure.

“Indoor location represents a significant opportunity for Qualcomm to enhance the mobile experience and provide businesses with a new way to reach, interact with and profit from connected consumers,” said Cormac Conroy, vice president, location products and technology, Qualcomm.

Cisco’s context-aware Wi-Fi technology enables Wi-Fi networks to deliver new mobile mapping services that enable informative location-based mobile applications, allowing mobile users to be better informed of their surroundings while indoors or at specific venues.

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