CommScope revises OneCell C-RAN small cells for 5G

CommScope today announced the release of new OneCell C-RAN small cells to improve in-building wireless performance for 5G.
CommScope for in-building
“In-building delivery of 5G service will be a major opportunity for operators to own the user experience, differentiate from over-the-top service providers and monetize service offerings,” said Matt Melester, senior vice president, CommScope.

5G investment will be enabling enterprise to gain from autonomous vehicles in factories to e-health services in hospitals.

“Success in-building will become more critical for mobile operators as they seek to create value-added services for enterprises,” Nick Marshall, research director, ABI Research, said.

5G operators need to deliver exceptional 5G performance because many 5G target use cases – such as ultra-high definition video, industrial automation and “smart building” applications – will be deployed inside buildings.

CommScope said the enhanced OneCell portfolio includes a new radio point platform, the multi-carrier RP5000 Series, which features software-programmable radios that can flexibly support new air interfaces to enable LTE-to-5G migration.

OneCell is a 5G-ready in-building LTE solution that combines carrier-grade performance and reliability with deployment simplicity for single- and multi-operator environments. CommScope said wireless operators can invest in OneCell to offer 5G-enabled services while preserving their investments in LTE.

Luigi Tarlazzi, CommScope’s director of product line management for small cells, will address the challenges and opportunities for in-building wireless in 5G at the breakfast workshop at Mobile World Congress Americas, September 12, 2018 in Los Angeles.

“We continue to heavily invest in smart indoor technology that will take advantage of 5G to help improve business productivity and people’s well-being wherever they work,” Kye Prigg, head of Networks, Vodafone UK, said.