Corning to develop 5G mmWave In-Building Network Systems

Corning announced it will develop 5G mmWave infrastructure systems for enterprises and public venues — in association with Qualcomm.
Corning 5G-Ready Networks IndoorsThese 5G systems are designed to combine Qualcomm Technologies’ 5G and mmWave technology leadership with Corning’s small cell expertise to deliver affordable 5G-ready networks indoors.

These Corning systems are expected to be among the first that are designed to deliver 5G–NR capability over mmWave spectrum in the indoor segment that includes enterprises such as offices, university campuses, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, and more. The 5G systems will leverage Corning’s virtualized RAN architecture to manage the attached mmWave small cells.

Corning will be utilizing the Qualcomm FSM100xx 5G RAN platform to implement new functionality around concurrent beamforming, advanced scheduling, and other features necessary to support the unique characteristics of indoor environments.

Michelle Engarto, vice president, wireless product line management, Corning Optical Communications, said: “Our experience in network design and knowledge of varying and distinct customer requirements will benefit customers as we navigate the complexities associated with 5G mmWave indoors.”