Ericsson inks 5-year deal with Mobinil to enhance data services in Egypt

Telecom network vendor Ericsson announced its five-year deal to support Mobinil to enhance the data services to subscribers in Egypt.

Mobinil will also benefit from Ericsson’s professional services such as design and integration of the various nodes of the Packet Core as well as data migration services.

Yves Gauthier, CEO of Mobinil, said: “The implementation of this important project is a sign of long-term sustainability of our investments in Mobinil network and technological infrastructure and gives confidence to our customers, whom we cherish.”

Mobinil Egypt

The new five year agreement will bring enhanced connectivity to Mobinil’s customers via Ericsson’s Packet Core solution, a solution that provides a solid foundation for delivering mobile data services.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality and experience. This is especially crucial at a time when smartphone and tablet adoption is growing so rapidly, as it will ensure a superior level of service enjoyed across Egypt,” said Yasser Shaker, vice president Technology of Mobinil.