Ericsson unveils Smart Cloud Accelerator solution

Telecom Lead Europe: Ericsson has introduced its
Smart Cloud Accelerator solution, which is a part of recently announced
Network-enabled Cloud concept.

This new solution harmonizes Ericsson’s range of
content delivery options consisting of the Mobile Cloud Accelerator (MCA) which
allows mobile network operators to deliver content with an improved end-to-end
quality of service, and the Media Delivery Network (MDN), an operator Content
Delivery Network (CDN) optimized for video delivery.

The company said that its new solution accelerates
operator return on investment via unified caching technology.

Ericsson will use unified caching technology from Akamai
to provide for dynamic capacity sharing between operators and their CDN customers,
as well as over-the-top Internet traffic.

The Smart Cloud Accelerator solution increases operator
CDN reach federating with partner operators and with the global Akamai
Intelligent Platform.

The solution will allow operators to manage and deliver
both their own content and that provided by third parties. In addition, these
new CDN offerings will enable operators to save on expensive aggregation, core,
and peering/transit costs.

The solution reduces operator operations cost by
integrating Akamai caching technology, initially within SSR 8000 fixed and
mobile routing gateways and subsequently in the RAN infrastructure.

Ericsson leads mobile backhaul microwave radio market with 22%
share in 2011

Ericsson is leading the global mobile backhaul
microwave radio market with 22 percent share in 2011. In Q4 2011, Huawei was
the leader. Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Huawei, Tellabs, and ZTE lead the Ethernet
mobile backhaul routers and gateways segment.

Ericsson invested close to SEK 33 billion in 2011 in
research and development. The company employs about 22,000 engineers in
R&D. Ericsson claims that the company is the largest holder of
essential patents for wireless communication, with over 90 license agreements
and 30,000 patents.

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