Flytxt finalizes CVM solutions deal with Tune Talk

Flytxt announced its deal with Tune Talk, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Malaysia, to offer its customer value management (CVM) solutions.

Tune Talk, which has 1.5 million mobile subscribers, will utilize the Flytxt CVM solutions to enhance customer lifecycle value through personalized and real-time contextual engagement.

Jason Lo, CEO of Tune Talk, said the partnership between Tune Talk and Flytxt would the MVNO to understand customers better, further tailoring the services and offers in real-time, fitting their usage behavior and contextual needs.

Flytxt says its CVM solutions leverage packaged analytical models to derive customer insights from data sources to create actionable nano-segments and to deliver right offers to customers based on their demographic profiles and usage patterns. Real-time event driven decision making enables Tune Talk to ensure the availability of contextually relevant offers.

“Flytxt expects to generate more than 5 percent economic impact month-on-month for Tune Talk with its CVM solutions,” said Hetarth Patel, senior vice president – Global Sales, Flytxt.

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