Fujitsu to move telecom manufacturing to US plant

Fujitsu Network Communications will bring the manufacturing of its smart CPRI transport solution to its Richardson, Texas-based manufacturing plant.

The strategy of the $41 billion Fujitsu is to ensure delivery of transport solution products to US-based telecom operators without any delay. Several technology companies are pressure to make products in the U.S. under the President Donald Trump administration.

Fujitsu will increase its skilled manufacturing workforce to produce the product, which creates an intelligent means by which mobile network operators can implement Centralized Radio Access Network (C-RAN) architectures.

Fujitsu Network Communications has tied up with HFR, a South Korean telecom technology company for the telecom product manufacturing in the U.S.

Fujitsu will be manufacturing the Smart CPRI Transport solution in the same manufacturing plant as other Fujitsu solutions in order to gain more confidence from telecom carrier customers regarding its performance and reliability.

“The manufacturing investments Fujitsu continues to make in Richardson allow us to produce the highest-quality communications networking equipment on the market,” said Barrie Hall, senior vice president of fulfillment, Fujitsu Network Communications.

“By partnering with Fujitsu on the production of our fronthaul solutions for C-RAN, carriers know they’ll receive the most innovative solution manufactured to the highest quality standards,” said said Peter K. Cho, senior vice president of North American Operations, HFR.

Fujitsu Network Communications is the leading US-based manufacturer of network equipment and a top US patent-holder in optical networking.