Huawei releases 4T router line card and NE9000 backbone router

Gai Gang of HuaweiHuawei has released the telecom industry’s first 4T router line card and NE9000 backbone router at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017) in Barcelona.

Huawei claims that its 4T router line card delivers the industry’s highest density 100GE interface interconnection.

Huawei’s NE9000 backbone router can reach a capacity of 80T to support ultra-high bandwidth demands.

The NE9000 supports Huawei’s CloudBackbone solution, enabling more capacity and efficiency for core nodes and data center interconnection (DCI), assisting telecom operators to address data flow challenges.

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The new Huawei 4T router line cards features the latest Solar5.0 network processing chip design in order to offer high density 100GE interface interconnection, assisting operators to construct flattened backbone networks.

Since Huawei’s NE9000 supports 400GE interfaces, mobile operators can implement 400GE links with transport devices, simplifying network topology and improving data transmission efficiency.

The NE9000 can reach a capacity of 80T, allowing it to support 2 million concurrent online users streaming 4K videos.

The NE9000 uses energy-saving technologies with a single device consuming 0.4W/G, just half of that of competitor products. Huawei NE9000 is able to effectively meet backbone network device energy efficiency requirements.

The NE9000 can be divided into multiple virtual devices to implement unified bearing of multiple services to reduce the necessary number of network nodes, reducing network construction costs. Telecom operators can achieve service isolation through virtualization technology, increasing network security and reliability.

“Huawei’s 4T router line cards make the NE9000 the most integrated in the industry, allowing operators to effectively meet requirements for capacity and flexible cloud service bearing,” said Gai Gang, president of Huawei’s Router & Carrier IP Product Line.