Huawei and Idea Cellular launch mobile number portability solution in India


Huawei and Idea Cellular announced the successful launch
of the first commercial MNP (mobile number portability) solution in India.


The whole project was completed one month ahead of
schedule and during the entire process, Huawei migrated 470 sets of equipment,
comprising up to 60,000 links, for IDEA without any service interruption.


By adopting Huawei’s STP-based
(signaling transfer point) MNP solution, IDEA is now able to provide number
portability service to more than 63 million subscribers in 22 regions of the
country. The solution optimizes the signaling network and supports an All-IP
network transformation for IDEA.


Prior to the deployment of this solution, IDEA
had been faced with several challenges: all of its network entities were
connected with each other, the signaling network was complicated, and the
routing solution was complex.


We are proud to be the first operator to complete all
LRN (local routing number)-based migration activities in India. This milestone
will allow our subscribers to enjoy number portability service in India,” said
Anil Tandan, CTO of IDEA. We appreciate Huawei’s expertise and its dedication
to this project, which will help us to achieve further business success.”


IDEA deployed Huawei’s STP-based MNP solution because it
is well-positioned to address such challenges. The solution enables operators
to simplify their network, increase operational efficiency, protect network
investments, and accelerate time-to-market of new services.


We are delighted to partner with IDEA, and our team
worked hard to see that the project got completed ahead of schedule,” said A.
Sethuraman, vice president of Huawei India. Our STP-based MNP solution can
enable operators to simplify their signaling and routing by using a flexible
configuration of the signaling message processing. The solution also protects
operators’ investments.”


Huawei’s STP solution provides high-capacity TDM/IP
protocol processing ability and high performance. It can support TDM/IP bearer
as well as STP, SG, MNP/LNP, IP-STP applications in mobile networks. To date,
Huawei’s STP product has been adopted by 114 operators in more than 60
countries, serving more than 1.32 billion subscribers worldwide.


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