Huawei brings GigaRadio base station for 4.5G networks

Huawei GigaRadio base station for 4.5G networks
Telecom network maker Huawei today announced GigaRadio base station in a bid to bolster its 4.5G networks business.

The Chinese telecom equipment vendor claims that Huawei GigaRadio provides 50 percent increase in processing capability and 20 percent decrease in size.

Huawei GiagRadio allows telecom operators to build networks with peak rate of over 1Gbps for HD voice and video. Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) will be yet another business opportunity for telecoms.

Meanwhile, telecom network operators TeliaSonera from Norway, HKT from Hong Kong, LG U+ from Korea, P4 from Poland, Viva from Kuwait among others, attended the 4.5G Strategic Cooperation Launching Ceremony during the 4.5G Industry Summit on the eve of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016.

Bob Cai, head of Huawei LTE Domain, said: “We would like to predict that Huawei’s GigaRadio is to be widely used globally, facilitating the deployment of 60 commercial 4.5G networks in 2016.”

Ryan Ding, president of Products & Solutions at Huawei, said 4.5G takes potential new terminals, services, and experience in the next five years into consideration and aims to support larger bandwidths, reduced latencies, and massive connections.

Huawei also hosted the Digital Transformation Summit in Barcelona – focusing on 4.5G, NB-IoT, 5G, small cell, video and digital operations.

Zou Zhilei, president of Carrier Business Group at Huawei, said digital transformation does not only create opportunities for the telecom industry to overtake itself, but also drive the innovation in various industries.

Update on 4.5G networks

Abraham Foss, CEO of TeliaSonera Norway, shared the deployment status of the world’s first 4.5G commercial network.

Telecom operators shared their strategies, plans and trial results, including SoftBank Japan and China Mobile on “Gbps”, HKT on “Experience 4.0”, as well as Vodafone and British EE on “Connection+”.

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