Huawei claims #2 position in telepresence technology market

Telecom Lead India: Global production of Huawei
telepresence technology surpassed 2,100 sets in 2011. Currently, Huawei
telepresence is used by 45 governments and over 100 CXOs in 13 mainstream
operators. Huawei is the number one telepresence provider in the Chinese
market, and second globally.

Huawei claims that the telecom major will continue to
meet high-end client demands to deliver more realistic live videoconferencing
experiences, as well as develop products to help clients increase efficiency
and competitiveness.

Huawei’s next generation full-view telepresence solution
is based on the development of the second generation of Huawei telepresence
TP3106, and holds a competitive edge over similar products currently on the
market by providing the clearest picture and the smoothest video experience
through its 1080p 60fps high-definition technology.

Huawei will be previewing its next generation
telepresence solution at CeBIT. The new solution features full-view tri-screen
display technology with the smallest screen gap on the market for full-picture
image display to provide users with immersive experience.

The company will be shipping the new solution in the
fourth quarter of 2012.

“We are excited to unveil our new generation of
telepresence solutions that incorporates industry-leading innovations to
provide businesses with better user experience, while lowering operating
costs,” said Yiquan Chen, president, UC&C Product Line, Huawei
Enterprise Business Group.

The next generation full-view telepresence solution
features a tri-screen system that creates a near-seamless multi-picture image
to provide users with integrated imaging of unprecedented quality. In the
videoconferencing industry, gaps between screens are typically 12 cm, which
interrupt the users’ viewing experience.

Huawei’s full-view telepresence solution dramatically
reduces this problem by reducing screen gaps to 5.5 mm, just one twentieth of
the size of gaps in products currently on the market.

Huawei’s full-view telepresence employs stringent
environmental standards in order to help clients reduce carbon emissions and
lower operating costs. Overall power consumption is reduced to 1700W, 30
percent lower than the industry standard, which in turn reduces noise levels
within the conference room as well as reducing the refrigeration pressure of
air-conditioning units.

In addition, Huawei’s full-view telepresence solution
leads the industry with an advanced wall-mounted design that provides front
access for simplified maintenance. This feature uses 30 percent less space in
comparison with similar products and only requires 20 square feet, thereby
saving precious conference room resources for businesses.

Using three-channel hi-fi audio technology, accurate
audio localization, reproduction and lip syncing, full-view telepresence
provides users with an exceptional live experience. Additionally, the wireless
Android-based touch panel allows users to easily control the widescreen display
system, hidden full-view camera, hi-fi three-channel audio system, smart
overall structure system and lighting all at the touch of a button.

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