Huawei digital transformation solutions for emerging telecom markets

Huawei digital transformation solutionsHuawei has revealed its networking product strategies to accelerate digital upgrade in emerging telecom markets.

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Telecom operators are going to gain as more than 1 billion people in emerging markets will be connected and traffic will increase by five to ten times over the next five years.

More than 450 million people had mobile Internet connections, and more than 30 million families had broadband access in 2017. 3 billion people lack access, and 870 million do not own mobile phones. 1.1 billion families do not have broadband connections.

Mobile operators need to deliver a better scenario-based service and accelerate their return on investment (ROI) to capitalize on the vast opportunities in emerging markets, Zhou Jianjun, vice president of Huawei Carrier BG, said.

New Business Solutions

Huawei is working with mobile operators to offer innovative business solutions to increase efficiency of network operation and maintenance, deploy broadband to the home, and leverage existing network and public assets to unleash site potential and maximize spectral efficiency.

CloudAIR spectrum cloudification technology maximizes spectral efficiency in India and Thailand. CloudAIR offers spectrum cloudification to allow different radio access technologies (RATs) to dynamically share spectrum resources. This solution enables the rapid deployment of 3G and 4G networks and releases suppressed traffic.

RuralStar solution is developed for remote rural areas in Africa to improve local network coverage. Approximately 80 million users have been served. 40,000 upgraded base stations are planned to be deployed later this year, serving 180 million users.

Wireless-to-the-x (WTTx) has provided cost-effective home broadband services in Mongolia, Philippines, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. Broadband connections are provided for 10 percent and 5 percent of families in Mongolia and Morocco, respectively. Traditional copper cables will be introduced in Saudi Arabia and Egypt to improve user experience.

Mobile Money drives financial inclusion in Kenya. Operators use Mobile Money to deliver basic banking transactions and drive inclusive financial services in unbanked rural areas.