Huawei unveils SDN enabled routers for telecom operators

Telecom Lead India: Huawei has launched its Software Defined Network (SDN) Enabled routers targeting telecom operators in the country.

Huawei Hq

Thanks to the Huawei routers, Indian telecom operators can address emerging challenges. Growth of cloud services, over the top (OTT) video, and mobile Internet are bringing challenges to the mobile service providers.

Huawei said Indian mobile service providers are considering how to simplify operation and maintenance, explore network potentials, and create more values out of the network.

Huawei SDN Enabled router is expected to assist operators to meet future needs based on the SDN concept. Huawei SDN Enabled router features centralized control plane and software-defined forwarding plane, enabling operators to build a SDN-ready network featuring fast service deployment, better resource utilization, and open interface for 3rd party application support.

Moreover, Huawei’s SDN Enabled routers enable operators to deploy new services at minimal cost, because the routers are easily adapted to new services or and protocols without the need to change the forwarding hardware.

Thanks to the support for Openflow, Huawei’s SDN Enabled routers realize decoupling of hardware and software. E2E path calculation based on routing policies is possible with a centralized controller. These features help open carrier networks to third parties, expedite service deployment and significantly improve efficiency of forwarding and protection of carriers’ IP networks.

The main benefit is that th innovative SDN Enabled router improves IP network management and introduces open and innovative business models. All these features ensure a better and faster access to rich service experiences for users.

“Huawei’s SDN Enabled router can help operators cut OPEX significantly and alleviate impacts on networks caused by service changes through network virtualization and programmability. In addition, the network openness enables carries to continuously create value from existing resources. Huawei’s NE40E high-end router already supports Openflow1.2 protocol, and has tested for interoperability at the Open Network Forum (ONF) this year,” said Gai Gang, president of Huawei’s Carrier IP Product Line.

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