Indosat Ooredoo cuts Opex and Capex after deploying Cloudera

Indosat Ooredoo, a leading telecommunications service provider in Indonesia, has deployed Cloudera Enterprise to enable real-time insights from its data customers.

Indosat Ooredoo can now collect more than 10TB of data on daily-basis in a centralized hub and precisely make real-time analysis of over 200TB of data.

Cloudera’s solutions are supporting Indosat Ooredoo to generate accurate business reports in real-time, make informed decisions and gain business.

Since the implementation of Cloudera’s solutions, Indosat Ooredoo decreased capital and operational costs by 46 percent.
Indosat OoredooIndonesia has 123.3 million mobile internet users. Indosat Ooredoo’s earlier legacy system used to take five days of work to generate daily reports, showing inefficiency and becoming costly to maintain.

The telecom operator faced business challenges because of delay in the correction of problem areas to improvement in product and campaign performance. This delay in time to insight from the legacy data architecture was inadequate to meet the business needs.

Cloudera said its machine learning and analytics platform enabled business insights across data from the organization, including 200TB of customer service centre data from 225 billion call records.

“The transition to Cloudera’s platform enabled us to achieve a cost-efficient, streamlined and simplified data management architecture by eliminating data duplication and data silos,” said Julian Mulya Wirawan, division head of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Solution, Indosat Ooredoo.

Indosat is using Cloudera Enterprise in Business Intelligence and Customer Experience, two key business areas.

Business Intelligence

Indosat has the ability to review the performance of marketing campaigns and products due to access to the availability of real-time insights. Indosat’s management and marketing departments can identify areas for improvement and take actions to improve business result rapidly.

Customer Experience
Engineers can analyse Indosat’s call records within minutes. Earlier, the mobile operator used to take more than a day to understand call records. Cloudera’s platform ingests and analyses data and Indosat decision makers can check the same in a central hub and ensure better user experience.

Indosat is in the process of developing predictive modelling capabilities with Cloudera’s machine learning platform as part of the strategy to reduce customer churn, develop targeted marketing campaigns and offer tailored products.

“Cloudera’s platform powered by machine learning and analytics at the core of Indosat’s data architecture assists Indosat to improve business performance and customer satisfaction,” said Mark Micallef, vice president, Asia Pacific at Cloudera.