Infovista intros automated workflows for planning of 5G networks

Infovista, the global leader in network lifecycle automation, has introduced automated use case-centric workflows for planning of 5G networks.
C-band 5G base stations
The new 5G network design use cases enable an operator’s RF planning team to run 5G analyses using consistent templates, parameters and propagation models, accelerating the RF design process and improving the accuracy of network planning across a nationwide network.

Infovista is delivering the automated use case-centric workflows through the cloud-native Planet Cloud RF planning and optimization solution to ensure that operators can ​save time and reduce errors for RF Planners through new intuitive and efficient user interfaces.

Infovista’s NLA Cloud Platform provides telco-specific functions such as automation, analytics, and data correlation engines to unify network planning, testing, and automated assurance and operations and break the limitation of traditional siloed-solution approaches.

RF planning tools had a single desktop-based user interface for engineers. Telecom engineers can use Planet Cloud’s cloud-native API-based architecture and benefit from a dedicated web-based UI that has been specifically designed and optimized for that use case ensuring maximum simplicity and efficiency.

The 5G network design workflow is delivered through a GIS-centric UI focused on the efficient planning of 5G networks. For reporting use cases, there is a dashboard-centric UI to customize, automate and schedule reporting. Future use cases will integrate correlation, analytics, alerting and ML/AI automation of everyday workflows to inform 5G network planning with data and insight from drive-testing, troubleshooting and operations.

“Planet Cloud’s new 5G network design use cases not only enables a team of RF engineers to work from the same centrally-prepared models, they also mean the operator’s senior management can access the latest network rollout metrics through a customizable report dashboard,” Regis Lerbour, VP Product, RAN Engineering and Network Testing at Infovista, said.

Planet Cloud brings automation capabilities at scale to mobile operators and vendors to improve radio network design quality, roll out next-generation networks faster and, ultimately, improve network Capex and Opex efficiency.