InterDigital demonstrates smart access Manager at MWC


By Telecomlead Team:InterDigital announced that it is showcasing its Smart
Access Manager (SAM), at the Mobile World Congress 2012 (MWC2012) being held in


 InterDigital’s SAM is a policy-driven client that
enables smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices to make intelligent
traffic management decisions using Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE networks.


Our successful interoperability testing and technology
collaboration with industry leaders underscores the maturity of our SAM client,
the importance of policy-driven access management to the industry, and
InterDigital’s leadership in innovative connectivity solutions,” said Michael
Regensburg, executive vice president of business development at InterDigital.


The SAM client adjusts traffic flows and application
connectivity based on real-time network conditions, subscriber profile, battery
life, service provider and user preferences.


The policy for traffic management also includes
allocation of individual application data streams to specific access networks,
based on operator policy and required QoS/QoE.


The SAM monitors real-time network performance to drive
policy enforcement and ensure QoE over Wi-Fi, and a near-term future release
will support seamless mobility of application flows across network interfaces,
based on network control.


The SAM offers a seamless Wi-Fi extension to 3G or LTE
networks that can enable service providers to improve capacity and coverage.


The manager leverages existing or new Wi-Fi assets that
are more cost-effective than expanding cellular infrastructure.


Furthermore, it increase service provider visibility and
control over the subscriber, whether on cellular or Wi-Fi networks, through
enhanced network performance metrics and feedback.


Working with leading Tier 1 network infrastructure OEMs,
InterDigital has achieved full interoperability of its SAM client with policy
control servers and OMA device management servers.


Recently,  InterDigital showcased its advanced wireless technologies at the 2012 Consumer Electronics
Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


During the event, the company hosted live technology demonstrations
that offer a preview into the future of mobile broadband and
consumer electronics.


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