Juniper Networks adopts Jasper technology to reduce verification risk

By Telecom
Lead Team:
Jasper Design Automation, a provider of verification solutions based
on formal technology, announced that its JasperGold formal technology for
verification and design flows has been adopted by Juniper Networks.


Networks noted that its ability to visualize RTL early in the design cycle,
even without a need for a testbench, led to the decision to adopt the
technology from Jasper.


The intuitive
and easy-to-use interactive debugging capabilities that Jasper provides will
enable Juniper to speed up design exploration and thus reduce design errors and
market timing risks.


selected Jasper’s solutions because of the clear advantages their tools and
products offer over other options. We quickly recognized the value and quality
improvements that Jasper’s unique formal products can bring to our
high-performance network products,” said Sanjeev Kumar, ASIC senior manager at
Juniper Networks.


Juniper was
able to load in its design, write properties, and begin using Jasper’s unique
formal techniques quickly. The Jasper Visualize feature allowed Juniper to
thoroughly comprehend designs and swiftly correct any errors that were found.


adoption of our products is a testament to the time-to-market benefits that our
solutions offer. We look forward to partnering with Juniper to make Jasper
formal technology a standard part of their design and verification flow in the
future,” said Kathryn Kranen, president and CEO of Jasper Design Automation.


Last month, Juniper Networks inked a definitive agreement with BitGravity, a subsidiary
of Tata Communications, under which Juniper will acquire rights to the
service management layer of BitGravity’s CDN technology. 


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